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Ethereum to Nexus
How to transition from Ethereum to Nexus
If you are someone who has experience developing on Ethereum, EVM compatible or other protocol chains and interested in building on Nexus, before starting down the rabbit hole :
  • Nexus has a disparate architecture compared to Ethereum or other protocol / base chains.
  • Nexus is a Verification engine, unlike Ethereum which is a Computation engine.
  • Nexus will be a pure layer 1 chain solution, we have ingenious solutions designed for scalability
  • Nexus is not EVM compatible.
  • Nexus is not interoperable with other chains and we have a very good reason for that.
  • Nexus is still under heavy development. Refer to the roadmap for more details.

How to Build on Nexus

Nexus does not have a smart-contract programming language similar to Ethereum.
The next major update is called Tritium++, which will bring the full suite of developer tools in three phases called 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0.
As said before being a unique architecture; the options to build on Nexus are as below.
  • Nexus has REST API's available today for developers.
  • 5.1 will bring in template contracts, operators such as sum, sdev, mean, median, array, etc and Query DSL which is on-chain search with a SQL like syntax
  • With 7.0 will bring in Augmented Contracts which can be used with any domain specific language of choice. It will be similar to lower level API.


Today development is made possible with the REST API which is a higher level API. This empowers web developers and even no-code developers to build blockchain applications.

Contracts on Nexus

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