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Why Nexus?

If you are new here, then we highly recommend to go through this section which will detail why Nexus should be the blockchain of choice to power dapps

Nexus For Developers:

If you have settled on Nexus then go through this section to understand Nexus design and the various components which are critical for a great experience

Ethereum Ecosystem to Nexus

Seasoned Ethereum developer want to try your hands on Nexus. Check the link below


Want to test things before you bring it into the real world, we have you covered. We provide a full fledged testnet for our developers:


Learn how to setup a mainnet node to power you DApps, stake or just to learn how things work:

API keys

Nexus API's talk to the nexus node and the API authentication keys have to be configured in the node. Click here for more information
API uses HTTP basic authentication and SSL will be available in the future

API Overview

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:
Tritium++ will be launched in three phases, the first update 5.1 will come with the new overhauled API. The code is available in merging branch for testing.


Nexus simple transactions are free, but to protect from spam and to prevent hoarding, there are fees on some of the operations. Check the fee structure below:
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