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Supply Chain - Track & Trace

End to End supply chain track and Trace
Today’s supply chains are global networks that generally include manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies, and retailers that work together to deliver products to consumers. As modern supply chains continue to expand, they also are becoming more complex and disparate. Typically, traditional supply chains use paper based and disjointed data systems that lead to information silos and make tracking products a time consuming task. Lack of traceability and transparency is an industry-wide challenge that leads to delays, errors, and increased costs. Modern supply chain participants need a unified view of data, while still being able to independently and privately verify transactions such as production and transport updates.
Nexus provides a unique Supply API intended for supply chain track and trace
Supply chain solutions built using Nexus "Supply API" can provide the end-to-end visibility. Today’s supply chains need to track and trace their entire production process with increased automation efficiency. Nexus supply chain solution has the potential to drive cost-saving efficiencies and to enhance the consumer experience through traceability and transparency. Improving supply chain management and taking it to another level. It is very easy to integrate it into existing systems.
Find below the link to the Supply API:

Industry Use-Cases


Track products throughout the supply chain from farm to customer, respond quickly in the event of food safety emergencies. Differentiate your brand from the rest of the market and empower customers by providing detailed food supply chain insights. Compensate small farmers quickly and equitably.


Makes it easier for customers to verify authenticity of apparel, this will increase brand value and reduce counterfeiting.


Reduce counterfeit medicines. Minimize patient risk by reacting quickly to medication recalls, and reduce overall pharmaceutical costs.


Counterfeiting is a huge problem for luxury goods and blockchain provide the ideal solution. When customers can check the authenticity this gives more visibility and value to the brand.


Inform consumers about the provenance of their clothes and shoes to demonstrate authenticity and ethical practices. Track spare auto parts and streamline auto safety recall processes to save money and reduce the number of affected customers.


Ensure ethical sourcing and authenticity of raw materials. Accurately track environmental impacts of production, revealing new opportunities for sustainability.\